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May 10, 2012


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1: Favorite movie: omg first question and its already too hard to answer. Um, well, thinking it over my 3 top faves are Aladdin, Mulan and Tangled but if i had to make one final choice it would be Mulan. Awesome main lead, solid plot, proper drama at times, great animation and a sidekick thats actually funny (and honestly who cant resist signing along to 'be  a man' whenever you hear it? You can pretend you dont know the lyrics off by heart but we know your lying)

2: Favorite princess: Again, a toss up. Rapunzel is actually adorable and i pretty much love her in every single way, but Mulan is the princess i relate to the most (what with the whole feeling useless and constantly failing peoples expectations...well at least she overcame that haha) plus she's pretty kickass. Im going to say Rapunzel as my first choice though.

3: Favorite prince: Flyn. Beast/adam has issues, john smith is mel gibson, naveens a little slutty and Aladdins alright but come on, Flyn beats these guys.

4: Favorite song: Pochahontas 'colours of the wind' OR mulans 'honour to us all'. If we go out of just choosing from the princess movies the hunchback of notre dames entire soundtrack is just the shit and i love it

5: Favorite kiss: Beauty and the beast with all those fireworks and beast goes all floaty and transforms back into himself and like floats back down with his cape billowing everywhere...that's just pretty.

6: Prettiest princess: Jasmine is a babe fer sure

7: Favorite castle: beauty and the beast. everything talks, um , awesome!

8: Saddest moment:princess and the frog when the bug dies like omg its a frikkin bug why do i even care but i was crying. Again, if not just about the princess movies its when mufasa dies and simba's trying to 'wake him up' . That made me bawl on the middle of a plane. Damn in flight entertainment.

9: Favorite couple: JafarXJasmine

HA. kidding. Its Flyn and Rapunzel. im funny.

10: Best hair: Pochahontas goddamn she could be in a pantene add

11: Favorite animal sidekick: Raja. I want a giant tiger.

12: Favorite non-animal sidekick: Mushu.

13: Favorite outfit: Mulans pretty chinese dress thing she wears at the start of the movie when she goes to see the matchmaker. I had a doll of her when i was little it was awesome and i didnt understand why i couldnt have a dress like that even when mum tried to explain its becuase a seven year old white girl wearing traditional chinese attire didnt really make sense

14: Favorite villain: Jafar. and im not actually kidding this time he's actually a really good villain

15: Favorite romantic moment: When aladdin trying to convince Jasmine to ride with him on the magic carpet from her balcony

16: Favorite singing voice: Pochahontas. like in her 'just around the riverbend' song where she sings that one line that like 'do you stil wait for me dream giver' like the note she hits just gives me chills its so beautiful (im hella gay i know)

17: Best eyes: Jasmine. Again, she is a babe.

18: Favorite name: uuurgh none of the girls names strike me as being particularily awesome really, but maybe i can say cinderella since one of my favourote names is Ella? yeah lets go with that

19: Favorite soundtrack: Mulan . even just the opening song is so nice


21: Favorite quote:

22: Bravest princess: Mulan. she freaking takes on the hun army and saves an emporer by solo battling shanyu on top of a rooftop. Pocahontas throwing herself down on john smith as he;s about to be executed is pretty brave too but then again the executioner was her father so like she really thought he would do it.

23: Favorite dance scene: since i cant include esmereldas stripper pole stage show im going to go with beauty and the beast becuase come on that IS the disney dance scene.

24: Favorite parent: theres not an abundance of those is Disney but jasmines dad is pretty cool since he has a bitchin turban hat. Mulans grandma beats all parents though.

25: Favorite lyrics: LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINES! TO DEFEAT...THE HUUUNS! etc etc complete-entire-song

26: Most magical moment: when mulans standing in front of the huge crowd on the steps of the palace after saving the whole of china and they all bow to her its just like holy shit, i feel so much pride, how can disney make me feel this way about fictional animated movie characters and then i cry

27: Best wardrobe: Jasmine becuase i like the colour aqua and crop tops, plus that red slave outfit jafar makes her wear near the end. seriously, dayum girl.

28: Favorite sequel: mulan 2 was decent yall can suck it

29: Favorite overall moment: i cant choose any more specific moments from the princess movies so im just going to re-mention hunchback of notre dame for like the third time. when quasimodo grabs esmerelda from being burned at the stake and swings up on top of the cathedral and is yelling sanctuary when holding her over head. Goddamn, like, my feelings. i cant contain them.

30: Favorite happy ending: Mulan. "would you like to stay for dinner?" " would you like to stay forever?"

and those are my disney feels

ans BTW i know i didnt mention like half of the princess movies,  i forget about them or anything , i guess theyre just pretty irrelevant to me
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PrincessPea5456 Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
May i use deeze questions?? :)
Nina-D-Lux Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
PrincessPea5456 Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thnaks :)
I giggled at a lot of these, hehe! DISHONOUR ON YOUR COW omg I love Mulan so much :') And the grandma is the best. I relate to a lot of these too haha! Beautiful, I loved it ;)
ILoveAnimeAndDisney May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Could i copy this questions? :)

And btw, i agree with you alot and Mushu/Mulan are awseome!! :D
Nina-D-Lux May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ILoveAnimeAndDisney May 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :D
dreamhome May 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Meeko, for every question. i don't care what, MEEKO!
dido on the way disney movies make us so emotional. I literary cried when the firefly died. And right on with mulans bad A grandma she rules!!! You and i have have alot in common i wish a friend like u. My fave disney movies are the tinkerbell movies!!! i watch the first one over 150 times the 2nd over a 1oo and the 3rd over a 100!!! Im so obsessed!!! I also love the winx club movies!!!
DeadEchelon95 May 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You and I are very alike! And omg, I love Mulan. I have wanted to see the movie again for such a long time now!! And I totally agree with you, Mulan 2 is also good! :P
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