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November 29, 2012


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Hello little nuggets! I wrote this journal with such joy in my heart, as i am a free girl who is no longer burdened with the evils of TAFE assignments and homework and dragging myself into the city 4 days a week AS I AM NOW ON GLORIOUS SUMMER HOLIDAYS AND IM SO HAPPY I WANT TO DANCE THROUGH FIELDS AND HUG YOUNG CHILDREN BECAUSE NOW I HAVE SO MUCH LOVELY PRECIOUS FREE TIME!


The gist of it:
So, the contest is based around the disney high drawings i do and the story i write, and basically i want to give people the chance to design their own versions of a modern outfit, or outfits, for the girls. You submit your lovely design to me, and i then draw it up myself and add the picture to part of my series in the disney high folder of my gallery, with all the credit of the fabulous design going to the winners! I was mainly inspired by all the commenters who saw my disney girls and said that they pictured some of the girls dressing very differently, so i want to give people the chance to show me what they envision the girls wearing :D as well as the fact that not everyone who might be a fabulous designer, is not currently the best drawer.

What you have to do:
Design an outfit from head to toe for one of the girls. So shoes, dress, skirt, jeans, heels, bag, earrings, tops, dressing gown, ski pants, wooly hats, whatever. include what you like! It can be a winter outfit, a beach outfit, pyjamas, sports wear, party outfits, or just stick to the original idea of a casual school outfit.

How your design is to be presented:
Since this contest is about the design, and not drawings skills, i will allow a lot of options for just how your going to show it.
. You can draw your outfit, complete with model or not, using any medium you wish. So digital, traditional, pens, pencils, markers etc will all be accepted.
. You can take pictures of clothing from magazines and match it together in a collage. though if you do this, i wont let you just take the one picture of a complete outfit and enter that. You must choose separate pieces and match them together, like a truly fabulous stylist would.
.You may make a polyvore set and present that as a link.
.If you have another creative way of showing your design to me that i haven't mention, please bring it up in the comments and i'll get back to you.

Some general rules:
. You may use existing clothing or you can completely design from your head. Either is fine.
.please use colour in whatever medium you're using.
.you may enter as many designs as you like, but you can only win one place.
. please only design for these characters from this list:
Snow white
I know some of you might be disappointed (sorry Merida fans) but i'd like to keep it limited to the girls i'm including in the story. (of course if you have no intention of winning, or just some free time, feel free to design an outfit for any other disney character and show me just because you want to.i'll still be interested and take a look because its all in good fun : )

There are 3 major places to win:
What you'll win if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd
.Your design will be drawn by me
. I'll feature the picture, your original design picture and some other works you've done in a journal featured on my profile page
.You'll get 100 points if you come first place
. You'll get 50 points if you come second place
. you'll get 25 points if you come third place

There will also be a journal featuring links to all those who participate : )

Your entires will be judged on many things such as how much it suits the character, if it is a fresh take on their classic outfit, how creative it is, how much effort is put into it, but overall there is not one particular thing i am looking for. I hope to see a range of ideas and i don't want anyone to limit themselves and their creativity because they think 'im just looking for one certain thing. For example, if you picture cinderella as an alternative rocker, run with it! Give her a smashing pumpkins band shirt. if you think Ariel is sweet young hipster with glasses, do it! And feel free to write about your outfit and why you chose it, that would be a lovely addition too.
What you must absolutely NOT worry about it is your drawing skills! Any level of skill is accepted in this contest and has a chance at winning, so please, nobody be too hard on themselves and be discouraged from entering because you don't think you're good enough. This is all about your ideas, and i'm 99.9% sure you all have brilliant ideas no matter how good you are with a pen or pencil : )

Entries will be accepted from now until christmas day! The 25th of december, so that gives everyone roughly a month to create their design and submit it. Why christmas day you ask? Well its a date no one will forget!
Please submit ALL ENTIRES with your deviantart account name SIGNED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORK. this is very very important becuase it will be very helpful for me if i can simply collect the entires into a file on my computer and this way i will always know who created it, since i might lose your original message in the mess of my inbox or it might get buried under a tonne of other messages i get a day. If you could make the effort to do this it will be so easy and helpful and lovely <3

If you still have any questions about anything at all just message me here.
I hope i get a lot of keen partakers in this contest! I want to see some fabulous outfits and see everyones creativity! :D
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