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November 27, 2009
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Formally floral by Nina-D-Lux Formally floral by Nina-D-Lux
Im really happy with this picture, especially since i'm wanting to move away from the massive-bug-eyed-anime-girls kinda look haha. NOTICE I DREW BOTH EYES! huzzah! And i love these jackets and they are especially lovely in this print, thus why i drew one!
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3-WI5H3S Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
u like shud start ur own fashion line
COOOOOOOOOOOOL!.....absulutely absuletly speach less > :iconimshockedplz::icondotdotdotplz: but...

but i said something :iconiloveyoutooplz:

haha :iconblush--plz:
how did you colour this mind telling me
Nina-D-Lux Aug 11, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
on photoshop, like ages ago. Its pretty dodgy ahaha
ah i love your style and the clothes you pick and everything.
dreamhome Nov 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
i like this :D
but you want a CRITICAL ANALYSIS.

really, i think the anatomy, despite being stylized (with the invisible hands and HUGE eyes) is a little extreme at points. the neck is a little thin, even for anime, and the chest seems a little long. like, the black shirt thing looks as though it would have her breasticles hanging out, it's so low on her chest.
i've got no problem with the fashion, because that's your area of expertise and im not going to debate it.

i think it would be interesting to see you work with tattoos and piercings in your styles, or focusing on something a little more 'adult', as opposed to consistently producing teenage fashion. i dunno, that's just silly me's opinion...
Nina-D-Lux Nov 27, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I dont think the eyes were too big at all in this picture, i was pretty happy with em...i like the neck the way it is too but i see what you mean with the chest.
i could try a girl with tattoos maybe.
I dont agree with the last bit at all "consistingly producing teenage fashion" there are drawings in my gallery which iwoukd say have nothing to do with "teenagefashion"do you really know enough about fashion to be able to tell what counts as "adult" anyway ?? .Dont get me wrong i always appreciate you helping me with anatomy and helping me improve in other ways, but really im going to draw whatever fashions i want.
dreamhome Nov 30, 2009  Student Digital Artist
i didnt mean to make out that they were too big. they're fine :D
the neck is also heavily stylized, so you can get away with those sorts of things so long as everything else in the image compliments it in design.
it's not exactly a consistent production, but i do see a little repetition, and if i did have to put an average age group on you subjects, it would be in the teens, therefore the clothing they wear is teenage fashion.
i dont know what's adult, but when everything has that cute ninacious touch to it, it just lacks the seriousness you can achieve with your art. i mean, im not asking you to get deep and meaningful with everything you do, no one can do that, i just thought you may like looking into drawing explicitly different age groups, like elderly women fashion, or something. dog jumpers. i dunno!

you do what you like, but dont fall into the nasty cycle of reproducing the same ideas!
be fresh! be nina!
xmoonfreakx Nov 27, 2009   Photographer
I actually love the jacket :) :) :) :) :) so nice :) :) makes florals look a bit more ... edgy?
xmoonfreakx Nov 29, 2009   Photographer
I'll actually definitely be looking for something like this in the shops now ... I WANT IT
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