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December 26, 2012
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Disney high contest:1st place by Nina-D-Lux Disney high contest:1st place by Nina-D-Lux
So, i held a contest that is based around the disney high drawings i do and the story i write, and basically i want to give people the chance to design their own versions of a modern outfit, or outfits, for the girls. People submitted their lovely designs to me and the three winners have their outfits drawn by me and then i add the picture to part of my series in the disney high folder of my gallery. I was mainly inspired by all the commenters who saw my disney girls and said that they pictured some of the girls dressing very differently, so i want to give people the chance to show me what they envision the girls wearing :D as well as the fact that not everyone who might be a fabulous designer, is not currently the best drawer.

So this is the first place winners design! A cocktail dress made by akizakura9 :D


Her dress design for Jasmine was an immediate stand out. Its both cute and chic and elegeant all at the same time. The colours are perfect for Jasmine and i can tell the purple was chosen from the pale lilac outfit she wears at the end of the movie, and the gold to give of that rich feel. the line details are amazing and intricate, as well as being very in fashion. The top half of the dress is very unique as well and i love it. as well as all the thought she put into the dress shining through, you can also tell from the adorable and detailed shoe design and the lovely earrings that she's really put an effort into the little details too :D So congratulations Akizakura!

This was a very fun dress to draw, i can honestly see celebrities wearing it, its so fabulous!

drawn in pencil, coloured with copics and edited in photoshop.
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Amazing as always! This is more than likely a dumb question, but this wouldn't happen to be the same dress that Jasmine falls in during Flynn's party in your story would it? You don't have to answer, I just like a clear idea of what the character looks like while I read their actions.
Cool idea making Jasmine's formal wear based on her formal wedding dress from the movie! I can definitely see why you picked this one! Really cute and has nice desert chic for sure.
these girls' boyfriends must go from 6 to midnight between classes
SnoweyDroppers Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
you make such beautiful dhs girls!
Jasmine looks so cuuute! :squee:
Gorgeous outfit. <3
Love love love it
She reminds me of Kim Kardashian! xD
This. Is. PERFECT O.O omg seriously the dress is so cute on her!! :D

This inspires me to write some fanfic of my own lol please keep up the beautiful drawings!
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