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November 27, 2012
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DH: Mulans prom dress by Nina-D-Lux DH: Mulans prom dress by Nina-D-Lux
So when i uploaded my disney high collection i promised prom dresses for all the girls, and heres Mulan : )
Heres a list of the girls i will be doing in future:
Ariel: [link]
Snow white
and Lottie

Also im going to mention that all of this pics are based around a story i'm writing over on [link] and in the story i'm not actually including a prom, but just a casual highschool dance. But naming these pictures 'Ariels casual highschool dance dress' isn't as catchy as 'prom dress' so that's why that's happening haha. Just saying, since if American proms are anything like Australian Balls, the girls would probably wear long, floor length dresses and i'm designing the girls cocktail dresses like this one.

Mulans design is inspired by a modern asian kind of style, in that kind of modern no frills kind of look, and especially with the bow tied around her waist, a reference to the fancy chinese gowns she wears in the movies. The colour scheme was the hardest part of designing her dress, seeing as i already used both of her main movie outfits colour scheme to make another couple of outfits for her (Seen here [link] and here [link]) i didnt want to repeat myself, so i chose to use another colour i often see her wear in promotional images, purple :D and i think it suits her a lot as well.

Drawn in pencil, coloured in copics and edited in photoshop.

Also, a couple of people noted that my picture of Ariel [link] looked more tan than before. Im kind of embaressed to say that this isnt so much a conscious design design, as it is i have run out of my usual pale skin tone copic marker....sooo i would appreciate it if everyone ran with the idea that the girls all got special party spray tans? ahaha....ha. One of the flaws of not working with digital i guess.
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twilightsparkle09012 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Her prom dress is beautiful and matches with her so harmoniously <3
You're so talented.
instead of buying more skin tone markers, you can try coloring with paint, photoshop, or gimp. it's actually pretty easy. that picture I sent you of snow white was actually my first time changing skin tone, and I only used paint.
Nice, she reminds me of my Japanese classmate who sat behind me in 12th grade. Though from what I knew of her, she was pretty much a stereotypical teenage girl, so not that much like Mulan at all, ha ha.

She sure is cute! Neat making the skirt look kind of blossomy, going on with the blossom motif Mulan has going on. I bet she can definitely get Shang's attention now. Though knowing her sense of balance and looking at those elevated shoes... She might attract more attention than she hoped! Let's hope Shang's master training taught her the art of balance. 
just wanna say, and this is just my opinion, but:

Mulan is supose to be a warrior, so putting her in a sparkly little dress kinda takes her personality away. so not my fave.
but the dress is GORGEOUS!!!
Nina-D-Lux Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ive said this a few times, to a few differant people who've said the pretty much the same thing.

Yes, Mulan was a kickass warrior. She proves this by having a strong character and a brave heart, and believing in herself. At the end of the movie, when she is in the process of saving china, she is actually wearing a pretty dress. The dress doesnt mean she isnt still totally kickass. 

A woman can still wear a dress and still be kickass. I dont think clothing defines a character.
true, good point. people shouldent judge by clothing. and her pink dress is super pretty
You should do one for Meg C:
She is so CUTEEEE!!!
the bow is a nice touch
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